Using Colored Tiles to Alert Hazards


A manufacturing organization had a lot of very specialized equipment on the line with dangerous mechanations. They installed light curtains in front of them but found that they wanted a more advanced warning system so a worker didn’t have to shut down the line by tripping the curtain.


Ergo Advantage installed their interlocking modular matting solution using lines of red 6” tiles 3 feet in front of the light curtains. They also added green lines in front of eye wash stations, blue lines in front of ESD areas and orange lines in front of tool storage cabinets.

•  The line now shuts down very infrequently due to breaches of the light curtains.
•  Workers know very easily where they can walk and where they can find equipment and tools.
•  The EHS Manager and Continuous Improvement committee are brainstorming on other projects utilizing Ergo Advantage tiles.

” Our workers feel safer knowing where hazards and tools are located. Plus they love the anti-fatigue benefits.”