Taping Mats Down not Productive


A large manufacturing company had mats laid at all workstations to help their employees reduce fatigue and strain from standing all day. Unfortunately this introduced a tripping hazard to many areas so they purchased blue tape and taped down the edges of the mats. The tape typically lasted for about a week before it needed replacing. Replacing the tape took 4 workers 4 hours once a week during which time the production lines needed to be shut down and workers often had to work overtime to make up the time. In addition, all mats needed to be replaced once a year.  The costs were adding up and the ergonomic advantage of mats was being negated with the strain of bending over taping.


Mats were replaced with Ergo Advantage tiles with interlocking edges.

  • The superior ergonomic value of this solution has resulted in a significant reduction in fatigue and sick days and increase in overall productivity.
  • Not only do employees no longer trip, they don’t need to put any tape down because the edges don’t curl up and the mats stay in position.
  • Additional cost savings were recognized due to the fact that the Ergo Advantage mats do not need to be replaced every year.
  • The modularity of the new tiles allowed for better sizing around workstations and a more custom look for the shop floor.

We save upwards of $100,000 per year using the Ergo Advantage Solution. Plus it has made a noticeable difference to the comfort and well being of our employees, especially in our main assembly area.”