Flame Resistant Tiles for Welding Areas


A large assembly operation had numerous stations that required welding of parts and seams. Sparks would fly and their current anti-fatigue mats would melt in spots. The uneven nature of the holey mats would cause workers to lose their balance or trip as they move around with their equipment. The company replaced the mats frequently or asked welders to stand on concrete which resulted in fatigue and pain.


Ergo Advantage put down their Class 1 Flame resistant mats in all welding areas and welders now have safe, durable footing with the added value that cords are able to be run underneath due to the tiles special moulded support structures.

  • Mats no longer need to be replaced on a regular basis, they maintain their integrity and surface area.
  • Employees benefit from the ergonomic improvement and felt less fatigue and strain when working long shifts on their feet in the welding area.
  • Welders have limited visibility due to their face masks, and cords running on the floor were particularly dangerous to these workers. Cord management was an extremely valuable side effect.

I can’t believe how tough these mats are. I have had molten metal drip down on them with no mark left behind. Ergo Advantage delivered the goods and delivered them quickly!”