Orange Tiles and Quick Thinking To Mark Social Distancing


A long time customer of ours, an automobile parts manufacturer, wanted to continue to produce essential products for their customers while ensuring they put their employees’ health and safety at the forefront. They needed a system that could be quickly and easily implemented, did not create a trip or sight hazard but was instantly and easily visible to show employees where to stand on the line.


Ergo Advantage Inc. recommended a solution that could be installed in less than a day. Our mats are 18′ wide, that means that 4 mats cover 6′, the distance recommended between people in the current COVID-19 pandemic. We were able to remotely mock up a solution they loved, and installed orange anti-fatigue tiles a day later by easily swapping out some of their current black tiles. 

  • Employees now stand on the clearly marked orange work areas
  • They don’t lose any of the anti-fatigue benefits of their original Ergo Advantage solution
  • The new configuration is part of a broader 5S and 6S initiative being undertaken by the organization to make their workplace more efficient and more safe
  • They still enjoy the other safety benefits including the fact that the mats were no longer a trip hazard as the mats never curl and have beveled edges for on/off traffic
  • Cords and hoses are run underneath the mats
  • The manufacturer is looking at other areas where Ergo Advantage matting could be beneficial – including the kitchen, laundry area, etc.

 “We want to continue to produce essential parts and keep our company going but keep our employees safe in this stressful time.”