Product Information

Below you will find useful information on all our safety matting tiles. All tile types are made with a compatible interlock system which snap together for rapid installation and configuration. The tiles can fit and function in any space under even the most challenging of conditions and still offer significant ergonomic and safety advantages in a cost effective way. All types are easy to clean and maintain and are Class 1 Fire Resistant*.

1. Tiles that are specifically formulated for Dry Areas




Formulated for dry areas such as assembly lines, inspection stations and machining areas. Provides excellent ergonomic support.


Smooth Top

Designed for light cart traffic and easy cleaning


ESD Anti-Fatigue

Delivers all the ergonomic benefits of our regular tiles while providing industry leading electrostatic dissipation (ESD) performance.


2. Tiles that are specifically formulated for Wet Areas



Anti-Fatigue Drainage Tile 

Designed for areas where non oil based liquids need to drain through while operators footing remains dry. Chips or air flow can also pass through the surface.


Gritted Anti-Slip

The silicon carbide surface provides maximum slip resistance. Ideal for all types of manufacturing environments where lubricants are present.


Gritted Open

Engineered for any area where excessive amounts of oil based fluids need to flow into drains. The design allows user to work safely on grit surface while oils pool underneath the tile.


Tile Edging

Tile Edging and corners snap onto tiles anywhere there is a need for safe transfer of foot and cart traffic. Comes in many colors and in regular and gritted formats.

Multiple Colors Available

6” Tile also available to demarcate work areas, hazardous areas or allow lights to be run under transparent version. Comes in variety of custom colors.

*All tile types but ESD type are Class 1 fire resistant

The ergo advantage matting solutions have a wide variety of Benefits

Recycled PVC is a big part of who we are

Check out Norwich Plastics’ video about their sustainable and environmentally friendly processing of used PVC and thermal plastics into reusable materials for companies like ours.