Platforms Require a Cooperative Approach for Unique Needs


Steve is a top rep for one of our distributors. On a recent plant tour, a facility in excess of 250,000 sq ft, Steve noticed a big challenge with their elevated platforms. They have multiple raised surfaces bringing employees closer to engagement points. Goal achieved, but the hard surface is tough on the body. Many employees complain of joint pain, even with company provided orthotic insoles. This customer has tried a few anti-fatigue mats, with no luck. He decided to bring us in on a call to see what we could do to improve working conditions.


We did the tour, showed how we can custom fit our modular tiles to platforms complete with edges to ensure safe on/off traffic. Steve’s customer started with a few trial areas.

  • Making grated work surfaces more comfortable, yet maintaining required safety initiatives is nothing new to Ergo Advantage
  • Our patented matting solutions are not obstructed because of custom platforms, or unique work surfaces
  • Today, all eleven platformed work spaces are finished with Ergo Advantage.
  • Nearly 50% of the industrial matting on the floor has been switched to Ergo Advantage, the rest to follow as needed.

“It’s a testament to Ergo Advantage’s ability to improve workplace safety, with long-term, supportive solutions in industrial matting. It’s equally a statement to the support they provide to their distribution partners.”