Matting Used in Equine Facility


A local equestrian facility complained that the rubber mats they were using were very heavy, didn’t fit the stall well, wore out often and were hard to clean. They constantly had to lift them, move them and replace them and yet knew they needed to have a comfortable surface for their expensive show horses to stand and lie down on.   


Ergo Advantage put down their A1B tiles which fit the stall very well and left them in for a few months to see how they would hold up.

  • The stable owner remarked that they stayed together well and were much easier to clean than rubber mats
  • In addition, they were considerably warmer on cold nights than the rubber mats which was great for these horses who were required to be in peak performance condition for their owners
  • An anecdotal side effect was that the horse on Ergo Advantage mats seemed to be in much better spirits than he had been after a night on rubber mats, the barn manager speculated that he may be getting a better nights rest on the new surface
  • After 3 months of daily use they show no sign of wear

 “We love the mats and are planning on adding Ergo Advantage matting to other stalls and wash area as well.”