How We Changed a Frustrated Customer’s Mind About Modular Matting


The first words spoken to us from Samantha’s customer, a manufacturer in the Northeastern USA was “we won’t go back to modular matting”. Samantha was a relatively new distributor rep who brought Ergo Advantage in on the call. The customer was obviously fed up with their current anti-fatigue matting.

It was clear why Arthur (the customer) was frustrated. Not only were the mats pulling apart, many spaces were not using the right product. For example, rubber matting in areas with high oil content is bad mix. Plus from an anti-fatigue perspective, foam mats offer zero support, and are borderline dangerous in welding zones. Any modular matting they had was in terrible condition with broken tabs and rips and spaces.


Samantha and Ergo Advantage put together a comprehensive side by side comparison, and an ROI calculation. Arthur could show the company’s leadership team that the benefits and long-term savings were clear.

  • Our easy-to-use, patented 6-tab system ensures a safer, stronger connection.
  • Our lifetime warranty against manufactures defects supports our customers on this.
  • Open anti-fatigue mats were installed in welding areas to allow metal splinters to drop below the work surface.
  • Gritted mats were installed in areas that had oil.

“We installed Ergo Advantage mats in four of our facilities and hope to do more this year!”