An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure


Dave Mattingly | March 22nd, 2019

Pretty sure Ben Franklin wasn’t talking about ergonomic safety matting when he came up with this quote. He was actually addressing fire safety, however, his words are as powerful today as they were back in 1736.

Essentially what Ben was saying is that it’s much easier (and smarter) to prevent something (bad) from happening, than to go back and repair it afterward. If we’re making a case for business, it’s also a heck of a lot cheaper. This is where the Ergo Advantage ergonomic safety matting system stands out.

Data suggests that the average workplace injury from a slip, trip or fall can cost upwards of $40,000, and twelve days of missed time. More often than not, these injuries are totally preventable. The Ergo Advantage system supports this notion with a network of safety tiles, designed to completely eliminate tripping hazards. Our innovative leg structure was created, in part, to provide channels for cords and cables, allowing them to be completely hidden underneath our matting, while also supporting our best-in-class ergonomic features.

Our open tile is ideal for wet locations, giving water a place to go, instead of resting on top of the matting. If oil and/or coolants are a concern, Ergo Advantage has anti-slip options available. Topped with two coats of silicone carbide, these mats will stand up to the slickest work locations, and provide a much safer work space.

No alt text provided for this imageOur modular connection allows for easy assembly, in almost seamless configurations. Tiles stay connected, even in some of the harshest environments. Coupled with our manufacturing process, which gives us tile continuity, connections are consistent, further eliminating trip hazards, as there are no high and low spots.

Available in a number of colors, the Ergo Advantage system is compatible to your 5S/6S initiatives, allowing for clearly marked production and/or safety zones. Our clear tiles were designed to run a variety of lighting through, for emergency evacuations, dim lighting, and even to improve vision in certain situations.

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Made from 100% recycled PVC, scrap diverted from Canadian and US landfill sites, The Ergo Advantage system is incredibly resilient, and carries the best warranty in the business.