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We first met Rick on Linkedin. He is an EHS professional. He was helping manage the Health and Safety department for a large Ontario based pharmaceutical company. Rick had a few areas in need of a better matting alternative, and before long, Ergo Advantage was officially introduced to improve work spaces.
Jump ahead nearly a year, and Rick is now in Health and Safety for one of Canada’s largest grocers. They were nearing completion on a state of the art distribution facility near Toronto. Before the 400+ employees took to the floor, Rick wanted to ensure a safe and supportive matting system, one that wouldn’t need to be repeatedly added to a shopping list. Given his previous experience with Ergo Advantage, the choice for Rick was pretty clear.


This is an impressive operation, strategically laid out to move a lot of groceries quickly. Though it’s highly automated, there will be a lot of employees to take care of, so we spent a few hours measuring, and in some cases remeasuring to ensure employee health and safety concerns were best managed.

  • Matting is in place, employees have been working for a few weeks, and Rick is happy.
  • An investment in health and safety made sense.
  • Ergo Advantage was simply the best choice and offered the best return on that investment.

“Attention to health, safety and wellness is more important than ever. In business, your employees are your greatest asset, and there are many ways to protect those assets. Better, safer matting is definitely one of them.”