5S and 6S Lean Manufacturing Tools Adopted by Hospital


A hospital had constant complaints from nurses and doctors that they were fatigued and had sore knees and joints after standing during long operating procedures. They purchased anti-fatigue mats but they proved to be trip hazards.


Ergo Advantage Inc. mats were installed at all areas where nurses and doctors had to stand for long periods of time. Edges were added at any points where staff walked on or of the mats on a regular basis.  

  • Doctors and nurses no longer find they are fatigued and sore at the end of a long surgical procedure
  • Ergo Advantage mats were part of a broader 5S and 6S initiative being undertaken by the hospital to make workplace more efficient and more safe
  • HR anticipates having lower number of sick days by medical staff
  • Hospital is looking at other areas where Ergo Advantage mats could be beneficial including the kitchen, laundry area etc

“We noticed a difference walking and standing on the Ergo mats right away. The mats are not only for industrial use!”